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Suspects under surveillance by the police a few days ago. Reporter Li Tong Ye photo
December 2 at 11 am, Yuzhong County, Shimizu Zhao Crossing Village Station Township occurred in the shooting, 37-year-old paralyzed son Chiu made to find two plate kang Armature, conflicts with 72-year-old father Zhao Shengchang occurred Chiu hair suddenly picked up on the homemade shotgun in a wheelchair, "I intend to resist his father's attack,ugg australia," Unexpectedly shotgun fire, his father immediately fell in a pool of blood ......
Quarrel paralyzed son shot his father
Zhao Zhao told reporters fork villagers,air max femme, December 2 at 11 am, he was the yard clean up their own firewood, suddenly heard a gunshot from inside the village,http://lightpainthir.com/bbp/profile.php?id=19392, followed by a burst of screams, he quickly put down dude hand ran the village, went halfway, see Chiu made Songru Mei's mother in front of people shouting: "! bad,air max 90, bad, guns and killed people," Zhao said he rushed to the scene see Zhao Shengchang down in a pool of blood, his neck was gunshot wounds,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/ebest-dvd/0000000542228.html, bleeding profusely, his son Chiu hair curled body, glassy eyes staring homemade shotgun on the ground, face very calm. In the absence of medical equipment,canada goose femme, experienced villagers can only bandage the wound to stop bleeding rag. "My father is my wounded! He hit me!" Zhao told the neighbors to learn hair, he has played 110 police, also call 120.
Songru Mei told reporters that moment gunshots, she was in the kitchen shabu, gunfire scared her body tremble, the hands of the bowl also fell. She quickly ran to the door of the court, she saw her husband lying on the ground, blood everywhere. After the ambulance arrived, the injured taken to hospital Zhaosheng Chang, Chiu hair was then rushed to the police away.
Stubborn fight paternity feud
December 30 morning, the reporter went to Zhao Crossing Village, Zhao talked about school shootings father made things, the villagers said,http://ricerca.jp, Chiu made the relationship with his father feud. It is understood that the incident that morning, Zhao and his son a few steel plate kang conflict, Zhao Shengchang son dragged wheelchair, take a bowl to pound son, Chiu hair picked up on homemade soil gun wheelchair confrontation, only to soil gun It went off,doudoune moncler, hitting the inside of the right of all gun grit Zhaosheng Chang's neck.
Songru Mei acknowledged that relations Zhaosheng Chang and his son has been bad, and they often squabble, fight. Chiu hair fall paralyzed from the age of 9 on the ridge of the village. Zhao Shengchang temper, the whole thing by labor manage, tired, angry red son, father and son often quarrel, relations have been deteriorating.
Son claiming shotgun fire "manslaughter" Father
Chiu made an interview with reporters, said he was not intentionally shot and killed his father, he just went against his father's gun attack, only to fire the gun accidentally killed his father. Chiu made that the incident that day, he surrendered the initiative, Yuzhong County Public Security Bureau Criminal Brigade police took him to the brigade made a trial, he was truthful account of what the whole process. Because he is disabled, there is no detention center for his detention, he was the night after the incident the police back home.
Zhao made for school to kill his father could go home, local villagers said they did not understand. Gansu Yong Sheng Lawyer Zhou Wenjie said that, under normal circumstances, the detention center should be detained suspects, but suspect there are special circumstances, such as to ensure that suspects do not escape, the police can take bail, residential surveillance measures, Chiu made because of physical disability the police take the residential surveillance measures. Newspaper reporter Zhang Zhihua


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