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now only three.

Internet infusion correct, the hospital was granted "for the RMB services." Patient infusion edge side of the Internet to pass the time.
Its users grant "for the RMB services" & nbsp; the hospital said the patient should be required
Text / reporter Xiao Yue, Wuwei
Map / from the network
Hospital really make money in a proper way. In order to allow patients in the hospital drips kill boring time,Zhao guard stopped being late, the hospital side of the Internet actually launched a transfusion services, charges 5 yuan / hour. The day before yesterday," He commented that era., that someone posted a hospital launched the "value added services" in the forum. The hospital is also friends called "the most will earn hospital", "hospital generates wealth."
Through human flesh search,peuterey spaccio, noting that the hospital is a subsidiary of Inner Mongolia Medical College Hospital. The hospital said yesterday that first launched the service in order to meet some of the young transfusion needs of patients,or you can get a glimpse. Enp, and 5 yuan / hour prices are not expensive, have been examined local price departments.
User exclaimed: creating wealth hospital
Netizen "strong brother is not strong," the day before yesterday in the Mop forum posted two photos show, in a hospital room, a middle-aged man with one hand on a drip, but another hand manipulation of the mouse in the Internet . Signage reads: Internet infusion at 5 yuan / hour.
This group of pictures is also a hot topic in the majority of users. Netizen "Eat Well Well incense," she said the hospital is really talented, really will be income ah! Just met those worms drip over,has not yet out of danger., backflow of blood is also obsessed with the network is not finished? User "Weiaichikuang," said the opportunities really everywhere ah. Really thoughtful hospital, a doctor, a paycheck.
There are users questioned cafes offer reasonable charges for the hospital. User "citizens," said the 5 yuan / hour? Give full play to the spirit of the people but not the blood of the slaughtered and the spirit of RMB services. Outside the cafe has only 2 to 3 yuan / hour. Variable hospital cafe? It has approved it? Reasonable cost anything? Moreover,even sharing a meal with the ,ugg australia, while an intravenous drip edge Internet is not safe,hogan outlet, right?
However, there are some users expressed support for the move to the hospital that the hospital services can not worry about get hospital infusion over two hours of boredom difficult to pass, is not humane measures. "5 yuan / hour, you can find something to do at the time of the infusion,plus the near future to buy a, is worth it. If I go to the hospital transfusion, I also hope to have local access to the Internet." Netizen "baby food," she said.
Hospital: Internet access is requested to be patient
Although the name of the users upload photos of Chinese medicine hospital was blocked, but there are still good friends according to the hospital the following name in English translation "flesh" out of the hospital for the Affiliated Hospital of Inner Mongolia Medical College & nbsp ;.
Reporter yesterday called the hospital office to understand the situation. The hospital confirmed to reporters Office Miss Zhang, Internet infusion 5 yuan / hour is indeed the hospital initiatives. Hospital infusion room Internet access already established as early as in 2007, the Internet's place in the hospital transfusion hall. Since the infusion time is longer, lose two bottles of liquid down generally requires more than two hours, during which time many patients nothing to do, and appeared to be very impatient. Coupled with the hospital beds more intense infusion every peak, we have some infusion patients can not find beds to lie down,how can we let them run amok, and even more difficult to find a place to sit down. Thus, the hospital set up the Internet to facilitate thought of the place, so that patients can access during the infusion. There had five computers,louboutin uomo, since infusion side of the Internet side, not many people, so then withdraw the two, now only three.
Also, some patients need to be addressed if there is something that can also work side while infusion,hogan outlet, correct during the infusion. "Infusion Internet is humane measures to hospital,everywhere lush variety of tr, is to be part of the patient's needs established before some young patients transfusion very impatient, ask us here can not access, and later when the clinic decoration on the purchase of several computers spare." the staff said.


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