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標題: the police took a look
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the police took a look

Xiuning marrying Vietnamese wife abandoned the streets of Hefei
Police "bilingual" communication discovered encounter
"Thank you!" When the woman sent after bus Ruan Li (pseudonym) in broken Chinese to say the words, police Hu Bing heart of a hot,, that no amount of hard work pay is also worthwhile.
February 27 afternoon, the rain, near Hefei, the Lake police station, Nguyen Lai linger in the rain, was found after police brought into the house carefully, how questioning,ralph lauren soldes, Nguyen Lai is an incomprehensible dialect. Then handed him a small book, the police took a look,, shocked,polo ralph lauren, this is a passport, the woman turned out to be Vietnamese.
How it will come down to this? Police have patience and repeatedly communicate in English and Chinese,, eventually learned that six months before the woman marrying to Huangshan Xiuning, due to marital conflicts, to bring it to her husband after Hefei abandoned regardless. Star reporter & nbsp; Zhang Min
Hefei police help Vietnam wife,polo ralph lauren pas cher, a communication problem
Police Hu Bing told reporters, Nguyen Lai Lake all the way to the police station to find when the body is wet, but a little "shy", telling anyone to hide, but also refused to go to the police station.
Duty police found the woman after the rain, which received the house, "thought it was lost wandered off, ask their identity, find to say are they do not understand." Looking at the overwhelmed police, Nguyen Lai from pregnant pocket passport handed up.
"Vietnamese." Hu Bing is also the first exposure to foreigners, since the communication difficulties, specially recruited police understand "bilingual" translation police, patience and Nguyen Lai exchanges.
But Nguyen Lai can say a few unskilled Chinese, she also removed an English manual, indicating that they knew only some simple living language.
Hefei to a divorce, abandoned street
After three or four hours repeatedly asked, Nguyen Lai happened gradually clear.
Nguyen Lai said his 30-year-old, six months ago by others introduced to a man far away in Huangshan Xiuning, then do their own passport, marrying to Xiuning.
"They also took out a marriage license, but now there is a conflict because of a trivial,, that does not go up." Hu police officer told reporters repeat, morning, Nguyen Lai's husband said to Hefei with their divorce, the way to take her to the airport , fly back home in Vietnam.
After the car can be a high-speed, two people are quarreling again,hollister soldes, "the husband may furious, Nguyen Lai directly go off." Even her husband did not leave a change of clothes, penniless Nguyen Lai had to take passport, began to ask,ralph lauren soldes, and finally the police station for help.
Police pockets to help her return home
"We would like to contact Nguyen Lai's husband, but she said the names are too vague, can not check." Hu said the police officer, after it contacted the immigration Xiuning Brigade, has been due to the afternoon,, did not return Xiuning the bus, the police decided to temporarily placed Nguyen Lai. Through the passport inquiry,, ruled out the possibility Nguyen Lai illegal immigration.
Lai Nguyen police to end to hot meals, "critical" Nguyen Lai said, "do not eat meat." After dinner, Lai Nguyen was placed in the foyer of the police station, "We told her that there has been contact with Xiuning on, go home and other local departments to arrange."
The next morning, the police drove to the station to buy a ticket with Nguyen Lai, after South Station in Hefei, Mingguang Road Station, then finally in Hefei East Station, police their own money to buy a bus ticket back to Xiuning.
"I left hungry and afraid, and stuffed hundreds of dollars to get her on the way to buy food." Hu said the police officer. Lai Nguyen moved a bit through the glass, put two fingers to make a victory sign.
Nguyen Lai arrived in Xiuning,, local immigration brigade received her, and sent her husband to ask detailed process.
Local police have mediation, transnational marriages little risk
Yesterday afternoon, the captain when the water from the wood in an interview, said Nguyen Lai indeed introduced by others married xiuning a home, a husband engaged carpenter,, also 4 years younger than her, "was also given 100 000 bride price money, can get along for some time, I felt inappropriate. "
Water said the captain, Nguyen Lai may be due to lifestyle, the language barrier and other reasons, the proposed divorce. February 27 morning, her husband took her to the Hefei divorce proceedings, "the husband would like to recover some of the bride price money, but also refused to bear return ticket money, let her off angrily and threw it at the Hefei."
After much coordination of police, the marital relationship also eased slightly.
"Transnational marriage is actually very easy." Water captain told reporters, because the living environment, economic conditions, cultural practices and had less communication, the couple married and sometimes contradictory because chores, "husband and wife only to marriage based on feelings , it is the most secure marriage. "


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